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The founder of this web-site Mrs. B. Madhavi Reddy, MSc, B.Ed is a renowned scholar having served 18 years in Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School) under Human Resources Development Department of Indian Central Government and another five years as Lecturer, Principal and Director of Corporate colleges at Hyderabad, India.

The founder is trained as Master Trainer by Intel with the support of Microsoft on “Computer in Class Room Teaching”. Our web-site provides an opportunity to learn Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology at High School / XI and XII students.

Byreddy Madhavi Reddy, MSc B.Ed
The contents are provided in a very lucid language for easy and better understanding of the subjects. The contents contain pictures and animations to virtually visualize the effect of certain experiments and reactions. The on-line tests, followed by evaluation of answers, key and hints are the highlights of our effort in making the students perfect in the subjects

A dedicated teacher identifies himself / herself by encouraging the students to raise doubts and have the clarifications. Hence true to the tradition of a good teacher we solicit the students’ doubts in the subjects over


• To inculcate the art of self-learning through e-learning, which enhances one’s ability to assimilate
and analyze on his/her own and it also elevates one’s confidence level and self-reliance attribute.

• To reach the rural students with same quality of education as offered at corporate institutes.

• To prepare the students to perform well in computer / paper based competitive exams.

• To make students to master the subject at their own phase, instead of struggling with co-students with different level of understanding

• To facilitate self evaluation and review the performance, so that revision of the course material at any time can be attempted.


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