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malar vizhi : excellent study material for class12 thank u
Manaswini Gattupalli : I happened to refer this for organic chemistry and found to be very useful.thanks a lot to this team.
shiva samhitha : Excellent study material which are very useful for mastering in Maths,Physics and Chemistry.....the online testes were very helpful for knowing my mistakes and easy techniquies to solve the papers...awesome website for competitive examinations
shyam : I took your online test and it was really useful.I was able to analyze myself ...thank u so much....
Gaurav sharma : Thank you for providing old question papers and investigatory projects...
Hemlata Khorwal : all over material is nice!
Laya : this site has become my best friend! it is creating immense interest to study and learn about new things! the representations are very alluring and the matter is presented neatly without elaboration!! THANK YOU FOR CREATING INTEREST AND MAKING ME FELL THAT PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY ARE NOT THAT BAD!
shreya : excellent study material...thanks for the old question papers....
sneha : online tests are really useful...formulae at a glance are very handy at the last minute..
devika reddy : the standard of the online questions and answers are very usefull to analyze my standard in physics.thank u so much.....

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